Leland And The Sad Little Orchid

By Laura Perry
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About the Book

One very sunny summertime day, Leland and his dad go looking for a flower for his mommy’s birthday at the garden market. Leland finds a sad little purple orchid with spots. He sees her frown and knows Mommy will know just what to do to cheer her up.

Leland and the Sad Little Orchid is a delightful and fun story to teach children that while change can be scary, in time things will fall into place.

About the Author

Former groundskeeper and horticulturalist, Laura Perry has dedicated her life to flowers and plants; you could say she has a “green thumb.” Through her journey, she discovered that teaching others how to successfully create and design flower gardens is her passion. She graduated from Lewis and Clark Community College in Godfrey, IL, with her associate degree in applied science, majoring in restoration ecology.

Perry’s hobbies include spending quality time with her nine grandchildren and taking walks with her German shepherd, Ziva. She also enjoys drawing and staining furniture. She hopes to pique the interest of younger generations to create amazing gardens, landscapes, bio swales, rain gardens, and native plantings.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 30