Legend Of The Maara

By Patrick Castles
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While studying the Earth-distant planet, Maara, with his Chaperone crewmates, Jason Tabor, an archeologist, is kidnapped and awakes naked and alone in a smooth white room with no visible door. He is soon joined by Mia, and after some time and study of their captors’ schedule, they manage to escape to a new planet. Eventually, a diverse total of nineteen other couples of the Chaperone appear in the same way, each with their own expertise. Questions abound. Why were they directed to this planet? How will they survive? They have the advantage of Earth’s history to direct them, but they arrived naked and they will leave that way. However, while they live, they must explore, reinvent the wheel, and build their first fire. But what of future generations? And what of punishing their kidnappers — the Maara. Enjoy the vibrant storytelling of Legend of the Maara as these questions are answered.

About the Author

Patrick Castles lives with his wife, Sandra, and has three grown children. Castles has written four hymns and other religious music. He wrote a Willie Nelson song called “Anabelle Sue.” He has yet to hear from Willie on it. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Oregon and Master of Arts degree from Portland State University, both in political science. Castles recently ran and lost an election for state representative. He felt running and losing a political office would make him a sci-fi success because it worked for Robert Heinlein. He likes chocolate.

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Published: 2021
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