Learning To Live And Living To Learn: Never Alone

By Peggy Viverette
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The most basic premise of human life is to learn. And within the boundaries of learning is ascertaining the best way of conquering the gauntlet of lifeor at least survive itand discovering how to appreciate it. For in this whirlwind of emotions and experiences we call life is the conduit to our own apple-blossom time, blooming whichever way we choose.

Peggy Viverette, the author, narrates the theater of her life, from childhood to adulthood, from adolescent woes to married life, from innocence to pragmatism, and from happiness to pain. And yet, through strength of character and a strong belief in Gods love, knowing that she is never alone, she never stopped believing and in no way did she ever pause in striving, believing that her apple-blossom time will again be hers.

About the Author

Peggy Viverette was born and raised in North Carolina, where she still resides to this day. She is now retired and spends her free time attending council meetings, church, writing, and being with her family, especially her three children to whom she dedicates this book.

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Published: 2012
Page Count: 38