Learning To Encourage Yourself

By Hephzibah
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In Learning to Encourage Yourself, Hephzibah draws on her own experiences with getting through rough times in an effort to help others in difficult situations.

After being teased as a child, Hephzibah had to learn not to rely on others and to encourage herself. In this book, she outlines some of the obstacles that all teenagers face, emphasizing the need to stay strong and move past those negative phases rather than dwelling on bad circumstances.

A main source of inspiration for Hephzibah is the Bible, and she includes many pertinent quotations to underscore her message of encouragement to all. She advises the reader to open themselves up to God as a way of enhancing life and gaining strength, because nothing will happen that is out of His control.

About the Author

Native to New Jersey, Hephzibah now lives in California, where she works as a writer. She holds a bachelor of arts in journalism from New York University. An active member of her church community since 1996, she has been involved in multiple outreach groups, including True Love Waits and Christian Women in Action. For her service, Hephzibah received the Allstate Good Hands Award in 1999.

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Published: 2009
Page Count: 24