Leader, Can You Stand The Test?

By Dr. Michael-Angelo James
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Being a leader in todays world is tough in any business, but particularly so, it seems, in the church, no matter what denomination. A pastor, priest, or reverend is held to a higher standard and expected to set an example for his or her flock in all matters, not just those of a religious nature. Using specific examples from the Bible, Dr. Michael-Angelo James focuses on eight primary characteristics of great leaders as he asks, Leader, Can You Stand the Test? Characterizing Moses as obedient, Joseph as a man of vision, David as faithful, Nehemiah as focused, Jesus as humble, Peter as progressive, Paul as selfless, and Timothy as prepared, he cites verses which illustrate these qualities and how these leaders utilized them in spreading the word of God. Coming from a religious point of view and geared toward todays church leaders, Dr. Jamess words of wisdom are quite applicable in the business world as well.

About the Author

For over twenty-five years, Dr. Michael-Angelo James has been living his faith as an educator, school administrator, pastor, and senior bishop. In recent years, his service to the church has expanded to include the Trans-Atlantic and Pacific Alliance of Churches in London, England, the Georgian and South Carolinian Diocesan Jurisdiction of the Progressive Interfaith Ministries Association, the New Grant Chapel M.B.C., the National Christian Counselors Association and the International Cathedral of Faith Fellowship, of which he is the founder. Dr. Michael-Angelo James has also authored Trusting God to Supply Your Needs: Perspective on Exercising Your Faith, which is also available from Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc. In his spare time he enjoys reading, writing, teaching, and listening to others.

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Published: 2004
Page Count: 50