Launch Out Into The Deep

By E. A. Simmons
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While battling his own demons, E. A. Simmons has dug deep within himself to understand other peoples view of the universe they live in, their own reality, their own thoughts. And such is expressed in every verse of his poems.

Reality bites, and he has not held back in painting a picture of the world in both its light and shade. His candid depiction of the social ills is countered by a glimmer of hope that comes from the heart determined to embrace change through the help of God above. The beauty of his poems lies in their honesty and his artistry, side by side with the emotions that push his pen to its course.

About the Author

E. A. Simmons is a native of Charlotte, North Carolina. A person without pretense, he encourages everyone to stand for what they believe and not let others impose their thoughts on them.

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Published: 2014
Page Count: 80