Latino Christian Poems

By Frank D. Mascarena
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Latino Christian Poems is a collection of works inspired from events in Frank D Mascarena’s life. Through all of his many struggles, he was able to find God. We should all realize God is not a myth and He is very much alive.

Let your mind and soul dance as you enjoy this collection of poems for you to read, and smile or cry. No matter our emotions, we can dance the good godly dance and not the evil devil dance. Let these words open your mind and soul.

About the Author

Frank D Mascarena was born in Billings, Montana. He had a special relationship with his father, Leo Mascarena, a former U.S. Marine. Leo and Frank spent lots of time fishing. Leo had Frank involved in sports like baseball, boxing, and wresting, but, most important, Leo showed Frank how to pray to the living God. This has inspired Frank to spread the message of God’s love.

Frank has a large Chicano family in Billings and he also has a large Native American family from his mother’s side of the family on the Crow Indian reservation of Montana.

In addition to writing, Frank loves sharing with others about his relationship with God, and he also loves inventing board games

Published: 2019
Page Count: 62