Larkin's Last Fling

By Dick Willey
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Taking place in the future, Dick Willey presents an old theme but with futuristic taste. In this adventurous story, the people who left Earth because of overpopulation join the native Insuit people and remind us of old country tails of pioneers. With ambition and courage, watch as the Insuit community, combined with the humans, drive to create a new life with a very bold pioneer spirit.

About the Author

Dick Willey is from Ohio. After graduating High School in 1958 and moving to Florida, spent four years in the Navy, and settled in California. He worked in the aerospace industry, got married, while getting his BA degree and teaching credentials. He was divorced, and taught Junior High and High School shop classes. Re-married in 97 and retired in 98, Willey moved to Nevada where he lives now.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 306