Lake Strife

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By: Elizabeth Zayicek

About the Book

After losing her grandparents as a young girl, Carisa lived through unspeakable abuse at the hands of her mother. At the age of eighteen, she inherits her grandparents’ estate and begins her senior year of high school in the Lake Strife public school district. Here, Carry tries to live a normal life and finds love and acceptance while overcoming her own pain, fears, and doubts.

Despite her past, Carry does not want to be seen as a victim, but as a survivor. As she comes of age, Carry learns more about her childhood and her grandparents’ life and estate, and she uncovers secrets, deception, and the sins of one man.

About the Author

Elizabeth Zayicek was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised on Long Island. As the only daughter and also the youngest in a family of six, Zayicek is thankful her parents raised them with love, understanding, and a lot of patience.

Zayicek and her husband Jim met seventeen years ago and have been married for more than twelve years. Together they have four children. In 2019, they relocated from New York to South Carolina and slowed down the pace of their lives. Here, Zayicek has been able to pursue her passion of writing. Before the move, life was very busy with work and raising children, as well as being part of a large Irish Catholic family which the author loves dearly.

Now, Zayicek and her husband spend their free time with friends or at Murrells Inlet or on the beach. They love life in South Carolina and enjoy the golf cart way of living.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 536