Ladygrim: "Don't Hate What You Create."

By Demitri
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Life can be deceiving and bring out the worst in people, sometimes your own family can bring you to this point. That is the case with young Sia and her family. Through horrific nightmares, she learns more about a serial killer LadyGrim as well as her own past. Will this knowledge make her someone who can overcome any obstacle or will she break into ten thousand pieces? Her journey will delve into the deepest pits of the human psyche to unleash her inner fears. Will she be prepared to face them when the time comes? Sia must find her inner truth and learn who she can and cannot trust as well as the importance of not judging people by their appearance or life situation. Sometimes those society deems “unsafe” or “insane” are the only ones you can trust.

About the Author

Demitri has always been a fan of athletic activities. He played football in high school for two years as a wide receiver. Being the shortest on the team, he was insecure, but his coach loved his endurance and ability to run circles around his teammates. Football taught Demitri to turn his weaknesses into his strengths. He has also been fascinated with writing since he was a child, writing poetry was well as fiction and earning perfect grades in literacy at school. He finds writing a therapeutic way to release his thoughts and share them with others. Seeing LadyGrim published is a dream come true for him.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 58