Knothole Gangsters

By Eric Henry
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About the Book

John, Rob, and Chris, although connected by their bloodline as just cousins, treat each other like real brothers. Inseparable is the word that perfectly fits the trio. Growing up, they had everything in common: age, schools they attended, and pranks they played. But there is one distinct commonality the trio shares with their uncle that changed their lives forever: baseball.

It all starts and ends with gambling. Uncle Butch is the black sheep of the family, having been connected with gambling as a means of living for a long time. He is closest to his nephews. Although warned by his siblings that the children may get involved with his business transactions, he cant break his relationship with his nephews. John, Rob, and Chris become involved in being part of Uncle Butchs gambling business.

The trio never hears from their parents whether they will stay with their uncle or leave home permanently, and just when they think they can trust their uncle with their lives, his business is busted by the police.

In Knothole Gangsters, the old adage blood is thicker than water gathers more meaning when personal gains overpower love and family ties. In this book, one learns of the tragedies that can result from influence, money, and bad choices in life.

About the Author

Writing Knothole Gangsters is a self-accomplishment of author Eric Henry, who was born in New York.

He wishes to donate $1.00 of the proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project and $1.00 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

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Published: 2011
Page Count: 98