Knight Blue Obsession

By Jeff Goulet
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Knight Blue Obsession is an adventure fantasy novel. An average man on the surface, William Drambella is plunged into a fantastical realm of magic and swordplay. Meeting new people and facing new perils, Will must quickly learn to uncover his inner hero.

An active imagination and subconscious longing to be the “main character” led author Jeff Goulet to write this novel. He hopes that by its reading, it also brings out that desire for the reader.

About the Author

Jeff Goulet was born and raised in Rhode Island. He served in the Air Force while stationed in California. Upon his return, he attended college and graduated with an engineering degree, which he has put to good use since. A consummate musician, Jeff has played in various bands since high school. He has three incredible children—Jessica, Lindsay, and Ian—of whom he could never be prouder. He hopes this novel brings them to another place, if only for a while.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 364