Knell Of The Union

By Lorrie Nimsgern
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How could a country, once united to remove a foreign power from its land, find itself divided less than one hundred years later? Knell of the Union highlights some of the men and events of the era that led the United States into a civil war. Leaders of the time forged a new government and faced nullification movements, rebellions and uprisings, expansionism, slavery, and attempts at compromise. Along the way, states’ rights clashed with federal sovereignty while the nation grew and prospered. Now, as the nation is again divided, what can be learned from our understanding of the past?

About the Author

Lorrie Nimsgern has been married for thirty-seven years and she and her husband are loving pet parents. Working in the veterinary field most of her life, she has dedicated herself to adopting dogs in need of a forever home. When Lorrie is not spending time with them, she enjoys reading history, gardening, and quilting. With a strong interest in politics, she started to research the policies and decisions made in the past that led the south to secede. Lorrie originally studied political science with a thought to teaching, and now holds an MBA.

Published: 2020
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