Kitchen Table Psychology

By John M. Connell
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Someday, someway, somewhere, someone …

What if you could tell right away if someone might be compatible enough to be a long-term partner? Or, what if you could tell right away if a person might not be?

What if there were clues, or even rules, that could help determine who you would have compatibility with in the long run? Would you be interested in knowing?

What if you could reduce the number of potential dating candidates out there by half, and then half again, and half again, and half again, and half again? Could you use that? Would you be interested in reducing the percentage of all-comers from 100% to 50%, then to 25%, 12.5%, 6.25%, and then 3.125%? What would you do with the saved time and emotional expense?

In this book, there are theories on dating, giving five specific ways to determine if we are compatible or not compatible with the potential partners we meet. The information here was gained from cultural wisdom, social psychology, and evolutionary biology and is presented as if it were something you might talk about over a kitchen table.

Finding a long term partner is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. You could even say it's like two needles trying to find each other. If there were clues for navigating the stack, the two might have a better chance of finding happiness. Every needle deserves another, and reducing the struggle could help. So please try these theories on for size, you may never see dating the same way.

About the Author

John M. Connell, MD, MPH, EdM is from Mahopac, NY USA, where a high school teacher believed he could be a writer. He is fascinated with how science can pertain to normal life, and credits his professors in medicine, sociology, social psychology, public health, and education, along with his family, friends, ex-girlfriends, co-workers, and patients, as his continual instructors. He currently lives in Montreal, QC, Canada.

Published: 2019
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