King Tide

By Cathy Cruikshank
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When the body of local fisherman Gabe Tofte washes up on the shore of a small town on the Pacific Coast, everyone in the community is shocked. Gabe was a mild-mannered, easy-going family man. Could he have really drowned himself? Or worse yet, could he really have been murdered? Finding a check for $16,000 on the deceased’s body leads local law enforcement on a case with seemingly no answer. As the days go by and the leads run dry, the Sheriff, desperate to solve the case, begins to give consideration to the locals’ murmurs of Gabe’s secret life: that Gabe Tofte was a successful treasure hunter. 

About the Author

Cathy Cruikshank lives next to Cape Disappointment at the mouth of the Columbia River. As a retired lawyer, she is grateful to be able to explore the Columbia-Pacific region every day and from it gain inspiration for her writing.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 336