King Casper: A King's Journey To Wisdom

By Debra Hornung Crum
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Have you ever wondered about the three kings who journeyed—not days, but years—to see the new king, the Messiah, Jesus Christ? Only a few facts are known: They traveled from the Far East, following a star and bringing gifts for the Christ child, and their names were King Casper, King Melchior, and King Balthazar. In this inspiriting work of historical fiction, their voices shall at last be heard.

Through the eyes of kings and servants, this story features sadness, strife, perseverance, victory, and romance, and it shows how trust in the one true God can change a person’s life for the good.

About the Author

Recently retired, Debra Hornung Crum worked at the same job for thirty-five years. Though the work was challenging and the office environment was often difficult, Crum prevailed and learned to be kind and sincere, though it sadly was often not appreciated.

Crum enjoys spending time with her large family and her children. She has nine sisters and brothers, and they are all very close. One of their favorite activities is going to yard sales together. Crum loves God, her family, and especially children. She only wishes for them to grow up in a safe environment where they are loved and cherished.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32