Kie's Great Journey

By Vanessa Parent
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Vanessa Emma Parent created this children’s story for her daughter when she was young. She was having a hard time and needed to be reminded that people loved her and it is okay to be different from her peers. Parent was hoping to make her realize that being different is okay and that, even though she may feel alone, there is always someone looking out for her and loving her.

Kie’s Great Journey also teaches children that they can learn something from all different types of people and that sometimes they may also be able to share their knowledge with their peers. Parent hopes readers take away courage and strength and learn to love themselves for who they are after reading this book.

About the Author

Vanessa Emma Parent was born in June of 1984 to Robert and Deborah. She grew up in Yukon, Oklahoma with her brother Daniel. Growing up, they always had a variety of different animals. In 2002, Vanessa graduated from Yukon High School and moved out on her own.

In November 2007, a whole new chapter started for Vanessa when she gave birth to a daughter named Kiley Christina, whom she named after her wonderful grandmother, Kathrine Christina. From there, her life only got better. Vanessa worked with the illustrator, Carter Parent’s, mother, Trisha, and in February of 2010 she met Brannan Parent, whom she married in June 2011.

Vanessa is the mother to Kiley and a step-mother to Olivia, Abigail, and Emily. Vanessa and her family also have two dogs, a mastiff named Sadie and a terrier named Jesse. When Kiley was younger, she would beg for made-up bedtime stories. Vanessa would have to make up new stories each evening with different characters because Kiley would point out if the stories were similar. For years, Vanessa made up bedtime stories, and Kie’s Great Journey was Kiley’s favorite. Even though Kiley has since outgrown bedtime stories, Vanessa still enjoys writing children’s stories.

Vanessa and her family love to swim in their pool and travel to stunning places. Vanessa and Brannan believe it is important to make memories with their family, and that is why, for Christmas, they give their children a vacation instead of gifts. Vanessa’s favorite place to travel is anywhere there is a beach and an ocean. Family is very important to Vanessa and Brannan and they always make time for their loved ones.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 42