Keep Hope Alive

By Yvonne A. Ford
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If you were a romanticist, the vision of a mansion lying amid a field of green plantations, glowing in the soft but glorious rays of the sun, evokes dreams of paradise on earth. The thing begs the question: Why cant such beauty not be achieved at the cost of infamy?

The era of plantations and slaves in America paints in sharp contrasts the heart of one race determined to enjoy life at whatever cost, while the heart of the other beats persistence, no matter what.

Keep Hope Alive by Yvonne Ford chronicles such hearts, running on an even vein, yet pursuing divergent, opposing courses.

Through it all, one slave family stands out throughout the entire book. Faith, courage, and perseverance sustains them during those dark, perilous times. Freedom allows them to attain heights they dared not even pray for. This story is compelling, captivating, and uplifting.

About the Author

A native of Oklahoma, Yvonne Ford believes that writing is a gift from God. Yvonne is a hairstylist and an entrepreneur. She takes to heart gardening, antiques buying and selling, and decorating. She is an active member of various business clubs in her area.

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Published: 2012
Page Count: 108