Kaveh, Jolly, And The Super Giant

By Mary Nazemi
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Some things in life are very precious. And if you are given something special to watch over, you must do your best to protect it always. Kaveh is a young man who finds himself without a home after his father the king dies and leaves him nothing but a golden hen, while his brothers receive the castle and other riches. Kaveh soon learns that the hen was a greater prize than he could have imagined: it contained a magical ring that brings a powerful being, Super Giant, to his service. So begins Kavehs new life, as Super Giant helps fulfill his wishes, great and small, as Kaveh tries to win the hand of Princess Kiana in marriage. Can Kaveh find ever-lasting happiness with Princess Kiana, Super Giant, and his mouse friend, Jolly? Or will he take the magical ring for granted, not realizing that others will do anything to make it their own? Kaveh, Jolly, and the Super Giant is a delightful tale exploring the magic of wishes, the strength of love, and the importance of keeping your word and being mindful of your treasures.

About the Author

Mary Nazemi (Hamadani) lives with her husband in Southern California. They are both retired university professors. She has two children, Frank and Farnaz, and three grandchildren. She enjoys reading books, weaving carpet, yoga, painting, and charity work. This story is based on an old Persian tale that her great aunt told her when she was a child.

Published: 2006
Page Count: 34