Katrina's Treasure

By N.L. Brown
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In 1817, Thomas J. Beale and a group of colleagues traveled west in search of fortune in hunting buffalo, but they discovered a different sort of treasure.

Today, Katrina and her family relocate to a farmhouse and discover it already has an inhabitant… sort of. While helping the lonely, confused spirit of Thomas uncover the mystery of his fate, Katrina finds herself developing deep feelings for him, and him for her. With an often-absent and cheating husband, Katrina suddenly finds herself drawn toward Thomas and a descendant of his—a local

veterinarian, Dr. Beale.

About the Author

N.L. Brown has written several poems and children’s books, which she has read to many kids at her children’s school. She still has a lot of things to write about in the second and third books, which she has already started.

She hopes her first book does well.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 216