Kathy Mayes 2004 Prophetic Letter To Fantasia

By Charlie Brown's Daughter
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The Lord reaches to us in any way possible just to get his message across. Be it in silence, signs, whispers, or dreams, he talks to us in ways only we can comprehend. In Kathy Mayess 2004 Prophetic Letter to Fantasia, Charlie Browns Daughter recounts the Lords calling to publish her letter book and reveal a prophecy that will change a persons life.

Fantasia Barrino was the American Idol Season Three grand winner in 2004. Weeks before the grand finale, the author dreamed of Barrinos victory. She was compelled by the Lord to relay his message to Barrino, through her grandmother, before the contest was over.

Having been a prophetess for twenty-six years, the author has witnessed the Lords many unending graces and miraculous means of showing his love for us and has become the medium to extend his greatness in the entire humanity. In this book, get to know the forever giving and compassionate Lord as he touches the lives of those who keep a strong faith in him.

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Published: 2013
Page Count: 30