Kadee's Capers A Whimsical Journey Through Life As Seen Through The Eyes Of A Puppy Dog

By Andrea Bassham Taylor
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About the Book

Pets add many things to our lives: protection, companionship, love, and often humor. In this collection of heartwarming and amusing anecdotes written from a dogs point of view, Kadeea lab/pit bull mixshares with us some of the more memorable times in her life as she revels in the strong bond between her and her owners. Freely admitting she can be a bit destructive, readers will howl with laughter at some of her escapades in reducing a plant, her new doggy bed, and every available chew toy to unrecognizable shreds in less than a minute. Readers will also find themselves shaking their heads with laughter and understanding while comparing Kadee with their own pets as she reveals her ability to talk, her courageous and intrepid spirit in exploring new places, and her absolute refusal to take a bath. Our pets are often our children, and sharing stories of laughter, love, and adventures serves to strengthen the bond between human and animal.

About the Author

A magna cum laude graduate of the University of Georgia, Andrea Bassham Taylor holds a degree in early childhood education. A homemaker who believes in helping people however she can, Andrea enjoys traveling, gardening, and camping. She and Kadee share their home with Andreas husband, Richard Taylor, and two cats, Sasha and Alex.

Published: 2016
Page Count: 78