Justin Doyle's I Am Nobody, I Am Somebody”

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The 1960s meant cultural upheavalstreet activism, radical ideas, free love, psychedelic substances, drugs, leniency bordering on indulgence, and sexlots of it, and for much of the world.

Such is the world Justin Doyle findsand in New York, no less. Growing up, he is nurtured by a loving, supportive family inside the house. Outside, the fun, easy life beckons, and with not much mind about anything else, the long ride took time to turn aroundthirty years.

The trouble with such a life is its virtually impossible to pinpoint where the miss has started to occur. For Justin, there is the chance that the rejection from his young girl friend, Pat, might have triggered it all, as he might have thought in his youth. With many of the people he loved dead, and those living still lost in their ways, would Justin still find the redemption he seeks?

About the Author

Justin Doyle is a part-time writer and full-time sous-chef in an upscale country in Central Pennsylvania. He has three children and has been engaged to his fiance for twenty years.

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Published: 2013
Page Count: 110