Just Jackie: A Teacher's Memoir

By Jacqueline Carmichael
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Nothing can truly substitute experience, for as the saying claims, it remains to be mans best teacher.

The author, driven by her personal desire and motivation to share her teaching legacy with her family of five generations and the whole humanity, gave birth to Just Jackie: A Teachers Memoir. A release of great incentive from Jacqueline Miller Carmichaels personal archives of thirty years in the making and keepingfrom being a dreamer, a learner, an educator and an authorJust Jackie invites everyone to enter this classroom and exit it with renewed skills to serve valiantly in each ones own personal and occupational calling.

About the Author

A retired educator and an author of the non-fiction book, Trumpeting a Fiery Sound: History and Folklore in Margaret Walkers Jubilee, Dr. Jacqueline Miller Carmichael is a believer of God and a lover of His creation. Her life of service as a teacher, both occupationally and in truth, touched innumerable lives in simple yet peculiar ways.

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Published: 2014
Page Count: 226