Just Enough Stuff

By Missy G.
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Tajaunda “Hope” Taylor, a young, smart woman trying to navigate her place in life - is full of pain and animosity and facing a major problem that she has no idea how to make right. As she starts to relive her trauma, she begins to realize why she behaves in a certain manner and uproots the issues that are causing her strife. After being accused of a horrific crime, Hope must travel through her past to gain a deeper understanding from the inside. While she is learning how to cope with this lost state, will she have the guts and will power to continue fighting day to day? And this is just the beginning. 

About the Author

Missy G. fell in love with words at the age of six and has continued with her joy of writing ever since. Missy loves the arts and anything related to it. She likes to read, write, draw and paint. She is a big supporter of community events and enjoys traveling and spending quality time with her family. When she is not traveling she is creating anything that is aesthetically pleasing visually or artistically. She wants to take her passion for the arts and creativity to assist others in her community. 

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 280