Junk Poetry Iii

By Rolland "Moose" Amos
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I'm just your average junk poet.

My poems will clearly show it.

Such poetry may look like junk,

That's below most standards sunk,

That coarse, crude stuff contains,

Yet poetry-like in form remains,

With no fixed themes, reason or rhyme,

Just whatever came to mind.

Still, Junk Poetry, to be sure,

Has merit, as does manure.

Its poems in their clever way,

Convey ideas we wish to say,

That some may even pause to read,

That normally they'd no way heed.

But junk poetry is fluffy stuff,

You read it once and that's enough!

About the Author

Rolland "Moose" Amos, the author, was born in 1931 and grew up in Northeastern Ohio. He attended Ohio State U., Mexico City College (BA - Int. Relations), Boston U. (MA - Int. Relations), U. of MD (BA - German), and Middlebury (VT) College (MA - Russian). Amos served in the U.S. Army and USAF for 22 years, then worked at the National Security Agency until he retired in 1994. While growing up in Ohio, they called him "Mickey" (like the mouse with big ears) and in the military they called him "Moose" (a variation of A-Moose). When he wrote his first poem ("Ditty to AHS") in 2013, he discovered that writing poems was an interesting, challenging and entertaining vehicle for expressing thoughts and ideas and for just killing time constructively. This is his third volume of poetry. He now resides in Maryland.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 126