Jungle Animals Folk Tales: Children Folk Tales Based On Animals Of The Jungle

By Dr. Zuvarashe Judith Mushipe
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Growing up in Zimbabwe in the 60s, there were no TVs, especially in the countryside. For entertainment the children listened to grown-ups telling them stories. Most of the stories had animal characters, but they conveyed lessons to the children.

In this book, Dr. Zuvarashe Judith Mushipe narrates folk tales based on animals of the jungle. These are stories she grew up hearing as elders in her community narrated them to the children. Each story written in this book conveys a strong message to the children. The lessons from the stories can benefit both children and adults alike. In sharing these tales, Dr. Mushipe hopes to preserve the stories that have been passed from generation to generation in the Shona culture in Zimbabwe.

About the Author

Dr. Zuvarashe Judith Mushipe has a PhD in Management and has been teaching at university level since 1985. She has a passion for education and, that was instilled in her by her parents.

Her father used to say, “mungwaru haadembi” meaning “good planners don’t regret”.

While with her family, Dr. Mushipe enjoys telling stories, about growing up in Zimbabwe, to her four grown children and four grandchildren. She has remained close to her roots by preserving the folk tales she grew up listening to, as well as by helping several children in Zimbabwe, paying their school fees at high school and university level.

Dr. Mushipe’s hobbies are traveling with her church group, and her passion is in seeing the girl child pursuing whatever she loves to do in life, including playing soccer, basketball, and, of course, pursuing higher education. Dr. Mushipe is involved in her church ministry that feeds the homeless and the hungry.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 56