Judas Iscariot: The Devil And The Betrayal Of Jesus Christ

By Kojo Tawiah Boison
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Throughout Christian history, Judas Iscariot has been treated as a villain and a pariah as the one who betrayed Jesus Christ. But was he really responsible for His death? In Judas Iscariot, Kojo Tawiah Boison carefully examines the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John to determine what influenced Judas to do what he did. Boison discusses the others who shared responsibility for the crucifixionthe religious leaders, the people (the multitude), and Pontius Pilateand asserts that only Judas regretted his action, acknowledged Jesus Christ as the Son of God, and inflicted the ultimate punishment on himself. Was Judas just acting in fulfillment of Gods plan? Did he believe he was providing a chance for Jesus to prove himself as the Messiah to a skeptical people? Is it possible Judas believed Jesus would not actually let Himself be harmed? This fascinating book gives readers the opportunity to better understand this complicated man.

About the Author

A native of Ghana, Kojo Tawiah Boison has resided in London, England, for over a decade. He holds a bachelors degree in the study of religions from the University of Ghana. He is a solicitor and barrister, a former Bible knowledge teacher at Aggrey Memorial Secondary School, Cape Coast, Ghana, and a former prison officer, Ghana Prisons Service. He and his wife, Esther, have two children, Nana and K.K.

Published: 2008
Page Count: 52