Journeys Into The Heart And Heartland Of Islam

By Marvin W. Heyboer
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The media, and even our religious leaders, tell us that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance. They say the violent terrorists we see on the news are not following the true nature of Islam. Riots, murders, and massacres are labeled "sectarian conflicts" and do not expose what they really are. In Marvin Heyboers Journeys into the Heart and Heartland of Islam, the reader will be introduced to the realities of Islam and its violent teachings.

Heyboer wrote this book in response to political and religious leaders who parrot the claim that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance while offering no proof and ignoring Islams violent history. Through his narrative, he hopes to open the eyes of readers to the facts. From extensive research into the Koran and life of Muhammad to personal interviews with victims of Muslim violence in Africa and Egypt, Heyboer presents a shocking view of Islam that is perhaps most alarming because it is all documented. The reader will hear detailed stories of immense suffering, including women getting sprayed with acid while walking down the streets and churches being burned to the ground with innocent worshippers locked inside.

About the Author

Born in Michigan, Marvin W. Heyboer has dedicated his life in defense of the poor and oppressed. His compassion for people of poverty has led him to found a small import business to market Honduran handicraft in the U.S., and to purchase a small farm in Central America to research and improve production by the local farmers. He has been a guest speaker across America and at several international conferences convened in defense of persecuted minorities by the International Christian Union.

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Published: 2009
Page Count: 350