Journey To And With God

By Kristie S. Beam
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Journey To and With God reflects the author’s own personal journey to and with God as she continues to navigate through life. It is deep reflection of circumstances and life events that have and continue to shape and mold her and how God has impacted her and those around her through His word. She writes in the hope that the trials and events in her life may inspire others and, in turn, bring them to God as well as solidify their spirits with Him.

About the Author

Kristie S. Beam first found God after her husband’s suicide in 2017. She attended a church out of deference to a friend and something spoke to her. She knows it was God, and since then, she has immersed herself in His word and teachings. Beam attends and is active in her church, Hope Church Winter Garden, in Florida and recently became engaged. Beam has a young, and troubled, foster son that she is trying to get on the right path while wading through the mess left of him by his family. She is currently attending OCU pursuing her AA in ministry in the hopes to work with youth at that same church when finished. While her path has been troubled in the last six years to say the least, she has found a comfort and resolution within the teachings of God and wishes to share that with all she can. If she is able to touch one person through her writing, educating, or speaking, then she has certainly accomplished the good works He has set her to.

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Published: 2021
Page Count: 96