Journey Of A Mentalist!

By Bill Jean-Charles Sr.
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About the Book

Journey of a Mentalist! offers guidance on life’s principles that will help other beings to experience a fulfilling, joyous, and wonderful life adventure on Earth in the here and now! With this book, you may find solutions to the challenges life brings your way, through inner peace, love, harmony, encouragement, diligence, determination, passion, imagination, and discipline, so that you may strengthen your way forward. Bill Jean-Charles Sr. is delighted to share his life experiences as a diagram to follow, so that one can apply the guidelines to achieve a higher degree of consciousness to become victorious in this lifecycle.

About the Author

I am inviting you on this journey with me - in pursuit of Hope, Intentions, Energy, and the power to create your reality.

For me, this journey started decades ago. I have always been fascinated by the power of knowledge and the magic of life. I am sharing with you lifelong lessons that I have experienced with family and countless friends.

We have been blessed beyond measure and decided to pay it forward.

In writing Journey of a Mentalist!; I am sharing a path to finding what is often the missing link to restructuring your mindset, and achieving greatness, in both your personal and business life.

We are on our way to a greater sense of awareness of the matter!

You can read this book as many times as you like; it was written for you and dedicated to the beauty of the many secrets of the universe.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 120