Journey From The Heart

By Roslyn Pipolo
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Every family history is itself a part of history as a whole, and that is just a part of the tale told in the pages of Journey from the Heart. Here author Roslyn Pipolo introduces us to the Segal family in Odessa, Russia, as misfortune leads them to emigrate to America in the early twentieth century. Despite their early hardships, the traits of optimism, strength, determination, and courage that run through the descendents blood help them gain their footing and persevere. As Rosa becomes the central figure of the tale, we follow her and her family through major events such as the Great Depression, World Wars, and the Vietnam War, and the gas crisis, as well as personal trials and achievements including marriages, children, employment, infidelity, death, second chances, retirement, and family unity. Based on Pipolos own life story, Journey from the Heart delivers a rich, expansive, and poignantly personal portrait of the life events, both large and small, that are strung together to create the story of a family.

About the Author

Roslyn Pipolo continues to make her home in her native New York. A mother of two, she enjoys composing music and lyrics and writing standup comedy. This is her first published book.

Published: 2006
Page Count: 128