Journal Of The Librarian Who Went To Prison For Money

By Glennor Shirley
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Journal of the Librarian Who Went to Prison for Money discusses the positive transformation of prisoners who use prison libraries to educate themselves. The nation’s high rate of incarceration and high cost to taxpayers can be decreased with more emphasis on education.

This book is unique because the letters from prisoners show their educational achievement after entering prison, and also humor, resilience, and the need for preparation for successful reentry. Readers can take away use more of taxpayers’ money to educate instead of incarcerate and provide more funds to prepare prisoners for successful reentry so prisoners become taxpayers.

About the Author

Glennor Shirley volunteers and participates in many library organizations. She is past president of Maryland Library Association, member of ASCLA - Association of Specialized and Cooperative Library Agencies, recently a facilitator in groups initiated by Elijah Cummings—Courageous Conversations on Faith, Race, and Ethnicity. Her special interest is criminal justice and is on the executive committee of MAJR (Maryland Alliance for Justice Reform). She is also on the Maryland Humanities Grant Committee and past mentor for a youth group in Unitarian congregation.

Glennor is mother of three sons, one with Down syndrome, and some of her passions include attending performing arts, plays, and musicals.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 216