Jihad Al-Kuffar

By Michael A. Rome
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Michael Rome goes to Indonesia to spend a leisure day when he crosses the path of a tour guide, Eki, who apparently holds a CDkeeping secret documents of appalling information about underground terrorist organizations. When Eki is suddenly killed, Michael uncovers the whole truth about the files stored on the CDwritings that encourage a series of battles between self-proclaimed true believers and those they consider the unbelievers and the allies of the devil.

The author narrates the story of radical militants and puts an emphasis on edicts, statements, and documents that explain why people should resort to destruction, terrorism, and suicide bombings to stand by their principles.

In Jihad Al-Kuffar, well meet personalities who have various plans but one outcome: strike with violence. Eventually, eradication of barriers that restrict the freedom of humanity and do not permit them to obey alleged divine orders is the utmost objective of unscrupulous fanatics.

Given the close relationship between underdevelopment and terrorism, the book also shows why social diseases can only be defeated through aid programs, which are strictly based on a two-way commitment.

About the Author

Michael A. Rome is an engineering professor who lives in Italy. Aside from this book, he also published scientific papers on numerical methods in the field of applied mechanics.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 350