Jesus' Way: God's Guaranteed Blueprint

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About the Book

Pastor David J. Bowers

In its frank and conversational style, Jesus Way candidly addresses the root causes of many serious problem areas of modern Christian doctrine and practice, rejecting the notion that modern life prevents us from living in Christ as the early Christians did. Presented in a rigorously Biblical context, yet appealing to the heart of the reader on a spiritual level, Jesus Way is in essence a doable blueprint that God says any disciple can follow simply by obeying Jesus teachings in good faith.

Also serving as a doctrinal treatise, Jesus Way details various aspects of Christian theology in each of its sections: In First Things First, the author establishes tone and direction, while What is the Gospel? defines the Christian Gospel within the framework of its most distilled statement, the Sermon on the Mount. The New Covenant Community describes the basis, form, and functions of the New Testament Church of Jesus Christ. Wise Virgins Always tackles vital issues concerning Christian holiness and separation from worldly concerns. Agape Love: The Litmus Test of Christianity avers that Christian Love is the same as Gods Love, and its presence or absence indicates the quality of ones relationship with God.

In Jesus Way: Gods Guaranteed Blueprint, Pastor David J. Bowers details the fundamentals of Gods masterfully perfect solution to life: the original Christian Gospel that transforms the human heart.

About the Author

The son of a deacon, Pastor David J. Bowers grew up in New York State, attending fundamental Christian churches and avidly studying the Bible. Having received Christ at a young age, Pastor Dave formed a set of consistent Christian ideals based on the New Testament and the practices of the early Church. Observing that many of the professed believers around him had strayed from the true Christian faith related in Scripture, Pastor Dave became active in teaching home Bible study groups. He also began writing position papers that sought to restore many crucial doctrines to their originally intended, uncompromised forms, which led to the publication of Jesus Way.

A retired electrical engineer, Pastor Dave lives on the West Coast with his wife, Cherie, and enjoys playing classical and sacred music on the piano, and studying ancient history.

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Published: 2009
Page Count: 286