Jesus Wants To Touch You, Hold You, Love You Like You’Ve Never Been Loved Before

By Rev. Valorie Jackson
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Rev. Valorie Jackson has good news for we who are suffering!

God is with us always. He showed her in a vision that we, His people, do not have to hurt anymore. We just have to trust in Jesus’ love.

Feel the power of Jesus as you hold this book in your hand and pray that the presence of Jesus fills your heart and soul as you meditate on these healing scriptures.

About the Author

Rev. Valorie Jackson is a minister spreading the Gospel everywhere she goes. Called by God at age twenty, she is now pastor at Revelation Tabernacle Church located at the Robert Treat Hotel here in Newark. In quiet times, she likes to read and crochet. She also enjoys feeding the homeless and going to the senior community center. She currently lives in Newark, New Jersey.

Published: 2019
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