Jesus Spoke To The Woman At The Well, I Was The Woman At The Well

By Rosland J. Pollard
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When Jesus of Nazareth stopped at a well in Samaria and spoke with a woman there, he was making an extraordinary statement. In that time, the Jews held Samarians in contempt, and men hardly ever afforded women any respect or attention, but here was Jesus, holding a serious conversation with a Samarian woman. In this act, Jesus made it clear that his love was not only for the elites of society, but for all people, no matter their level of status.

In Jesus Spoke to the Woman at the Well, I Was the Woman at the Well, Rosland J. Pollard has crafted a beautiful meditation on this event in the Bible and its effect on her personal understanding of Jesus love. After enduring bad relationships that took away her self-respect and her very identity, Pollard experienced a reawakening through the living waters of Jesus. This collection of poetry, Bible passages, and reflective prose presents a tender collage of Pollards spiritual journey.

About the Author

Rosland J. Pollard is a writer who loves poetry with all her heart. A mother of two and a grandmother of six, she has been a member of Greenway Park Church of God in Christ since 2001. She graduated from L. G. Pinkston High School in 1975 and currently lives at the Bluffs of Lakewood in Dallas, Texas.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 32