Jesus And His Dog

By Dick W. Pine
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Jesus and His Dog

Jesus is the only-begotten Son of God, who has saved us from our sins by carrying the cross and being crucified in the place of skulls, Golgotha. He is the Son of Man, who has spread the Word of God and the coming of His fathers judgment. Before all of His teachings, miracles, and sorrows, however, Jesus was once a child like any normal kid, and like a normal child, He was served by a loyal dog.

Who would have thought the child Jesus was accompanied by mans best friend all along?

It is not mentioned in the Bible, but the Dead Sea Scrolls attest to the existence of Zion, Jesus closest animal friend. Zion was a gift of God-fearing Simeon at the time when Jesus was presented at the temple, and throughout young Jesus life, Zion was His guard and animal comrade.

About the Author

Dick W. Pine was born in North Dakota. He now resides in Ocean Shores, Washington. He has two sons, Dwayne and Day.

Published: 2010
Page Count: 30