Jessica And The Tangle Monster

By Sharon J. Dickerson
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Jessica loves playing with her tea set and dolls. She could spend all day playing quietly in her roomif it wasnt for that mean old Tangle Monster! Every morning, he creeps into her bed and makes her silky blond hair turn into a tangled mess! When her mother tries to brush out the tangles, Jessica runs around the house until she finds a secret hiding place. No matter how clever her hiding spot is, her mother always finds her! When Nanna comes to visit and brings Jessica a special present, her problems seem to disappear. This beautiful gift makes her a happy girl again.

About the Author

Sharon J. Dickerson is a native of Dallas, Texas, and currently resides in Roanoke, Texas. She was inspired to write this book by her own family experiences as a mother and a grandmother. Sharon works in the real estate industry and recently received her notary public license. In her time off, she enjoys oil painting, riding and raising two horses and being active in her church community. Jessica and the Tangle Monster is Sharons first book.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 32