Jake And Duke Discover Hidden Cave

By Roger R. Strohl Jr.
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Grammy's ranch is about to be foreclosed. A long, ongoing drought is contributing to her money problems. Jake's family travels to K Ranch to help find a solution and to raise her spirit. Jake and Duke immediately help by finding two missing horses.

The next day, a tornado hits, adding to Grammy's troubles. Then things get more complicated as a tree rescue is needed. Finally, a hidden cave is uncovered and reveals a mysterious secret.

With tense and nail-biting happenings like a tornado, a tree rescue, and a cave trapping, Jake and Duke Discover Hidden Cave is a story of family, help, and love.

About the Author

Roger R. Strohl Jr. has been involved with Cub Scouts as Troop Cub Master and Den Leader. He was also a T-ball coach, junior high school wrestling coach, and high school track coach. Strohl has taught grades fourth, fifth, and sixth. Strohl likes to golf, mountain hike, and grow home yard produce.

Strohl is married to Ann, his wife of over 44 years. Together, they have a set of twins – a son and daughter, and a granddaughter.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 74