J4U Cattle Company: The Beginning

By Asa L. Driver
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Joshua Smith is a man with a face you will never forget. Once handsome, he now is covered in scars and burns after fighting in the Civil War. Now that the war is over, Joshua and his companions set out on an ambitious journey to escort hundreds of cattle from Texas to Kansas to develop one of the largest cattle companies in the West. But when a shoot-out occurs with some of the Hagens, a notorious family of villains, Joshua and his team become tangled in a web of greed and revenge.

Filled with daring adventures, lifelong friendships, heroes and villains, romance and loss, J4U Cattle Company is a must-read for Western lovers.

About the Author

Asa L. Driver grew up on a farm before enlisting in the army during the Vietnam War era. An avid dog lover, after the war he went on to obtain his veterinarian assistant degree and also works as a trainer for SAR dogs. In his spare time, Driver enjoys racing RC cars and has a special interest in Shriners Rodeo and Southeastern Pro Rodeo.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32