J.T.'s Revenge

By Ken McComas
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J.T. while on his scheduled inspection of his livestock and condition of his largest ranch west of the Mississippi River, discovers mysterious wagon tracks heading east across his vast range. He receives reports from his many foremen of valuable lumber missing also. J.T. becomes quite irate and along with his daughter begins to head to the Capitol for answers. Finding themselves being fired upon and wounding his daughter, he declares revenge on his intruders. Little did he have any idea of what dangers lie ahead of him.

About the Author

Ken McComas retired from the Navy after serving 20 eventful years. Serving as an Admiral’s aide offered many exciting adventures overseas. He attended school afterwards at Illinois State University acquiring his teacher’s degree in 1985. After teaching for 22 years he again retired and travelled worldwide with his wife, Connie.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 56