J.B. Morehead: An American Hero

By Catherine C. Morgan
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Young Bruce Morehead set out to have fun in life because it had been denied him in childhood as his family had barely eked out an existence in early 1900s Oklahoma. He joined the military and little did he know his experience as a child would give him the strength and power to become a winner. He came to be one of the most respected and accomplished fighter pilots of World War II, and avid and astonishingly successful hunter and fisherman, and a warm, caring family man and friend. Within these pages, Catherine C. Morgan presents the complete account of Moreheads life to date, characterizing one mans endeavors to follow his dreams, sometimes in the face of daunting odds, and his zest for life. Intertwining personal reflections with accounts of some of the more decisive moments in American history, the story is designed to commemorate Moreheads contributions as well as to impart a message about the capacities of the human spirit.

About the Author

Catherine C. Morgan, an author, artist, and retired teacher, lived in the world renowned Napa Valley, where she and her husband, The Rev. Lee Morgan, raised three gifted, beautiful daughters. They definitely were her greatest joy. Daily in a quiet sunroom she wrote short stories and novels for preteens, drawing on her experiences. This is her only biography and one carefully chosen. Col. J.B. Moreheads remarkable life might be an example that could influence youngsters to set high moral principles and reach forward to fulfill their dreams and aspirations. Catherine C. Morgan passed away before this book could be published. She was a woman of grace who saw the beauty of life, and inspired all around her to reach for their dreams.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 140