It's Tough To Be A N***** In A White Man's World

By Nat Williams
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It's Tough to Be a N***** in a White Man's World is about Nat Williams’ experiences as a young black man attending a 98% white public school and the effect it had on him as a young man.

Nat describes the effect that growing up a young black man in a white society had on his relationship with people and society. Even though these events happened in the 70s-90s, it's still tough to be a black man in today's society. Nat hopes his readers understand how tough it is for minorities in today’s society and the effect it had on this young black male.

About the Author

Nat Williams taught in the Pittsburgh Public School District for 33 years. He currently works as a stadium supervisor and a delivery man for a nonprofit diaper company. Nat was a gymnastics coach for 30 years, and he loves watching sports. He also likes biking, photography, and travel.

Published: 2022
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