It's Not About Survival, It's About Overcoming Adversity And Learning To Live Life Fully

By Marianne Coulton
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About the Book

Twenty three years ago Marianne Coulton moved to sunny Florida with her husband whom she had met on a blind date four years previously. The couple moved to Florida to enjoy year-round bicycling with a local bike club for lasting physical fitness, but Coulton was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after the move. She continued to manage her Illinois law firm throughout her cancer treatments and afterwards until chronic illnesses affected her ability to work. Although it was difficult, Coulton soldiered through in order to have the life she dreamed of, and when breast cancer uprooted all of her plans she did what she had always done, soldiered on.

Thirteen years after recovering from cancer and working for Florida law firms, Coulton managed her new Florida solo practice while still she was still managing her Illinois practice she had created in 1996 until chronic illnesses affected her work.

About the Author

Marianne Coulton grew up in Nebraska and attended American University in Washington D.C. where she graduated in 1978 as a political science major. After working as a Federal Government auditor for 10 years in the Washington D.C. area, and passing the Virginia CPA exam on the first try she attended Northwestern University Law School in Chicago, Illinois where she graduated cum laude in May of 1991. Coulton is a juris doctor, not a medical doctor, and is a former CPA.

She is active now in a partnership instead of her former solo practice. Now at sixty-five she prepares three meals a day for her husband and has helped others change their diets for better health, and she recently became a lifetime member of the Health Services Institute.

Her next goal is to form a tax-exempt organization to help collect donations related to health concerns in her book and help women struggling with breast cancer testing and treatments.

Published: 2022
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