It's Called Blame!

By Evelyn M. Whidbee
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Its your fault! No, its your fault! You did it! You made me do it! No, you! How many times have you heard these words from children? How about from adults (although maybe not in the same tone)? Unfortunately we learn at a young age how to try to deflect responsibility for our inappropriate actions onto someone else rather than acknowledge and accept our own wrongdoings. Using illustrative biblical quotations from the book of Genesis and age-appropriate language for younger children, Evelyn Whidbee teaches children about what it means to blame others, explaining how the first people to do so were Adam and Eve themselves! However she goes a step further and also explains how they lost everything because of their disobedience and subtly shows children how they can experience the same fate if they persist in casting blame on others.

About the Author

While being a pastor, teacher, evangelist, wife, mother, and grandmother, Evelyn M. Whidbee still found time to write this book for children, believing it was important to teach them what it means to blame others rather than acknowledge their wrongdoings. In her spare time she enjoys sewing, writing, singing gospel music, and learning how to play the piano.

Published: 2004
Page Count: 24