It's Amazing What You Can Still Accomplish With Only Half-A-Brain

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Jack Bousquet

About the Book

It’s Amazing What You Can Still Accomplish with Only Half-a-Brain follows the struggles and victories of Jack Bousquet after he suffered a massive stroke, incurring damage to more than 40 percent of his brain. He had to learn to walk again, to talk again, etc. Bousquet was fearful he might not recover. What if he could not provide for his family? The reader will take away the lesson that they should never give up and to always believe in yourself.

About the Author

As Owner’s Representative Mr. Bousquet lead the development of over 6 billion dollars worth of real estate. He is a very accomplished and decorated real estate executive, with a Bachelor of Science in Building Construction from the Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Architecture and executive education at Harvard Business School.

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I've had the pleasure of knowing Jack since we both went to school together in Clinton, Conn. In High School, Jack was a Golden Boy taking the lead in Carousel and winning Best Physique; I like to kid him that he was our class version of Rob Lowe (smile). With his Golden Boy looks, charm, personality and smarts; he was certain to go and conquer the world after we graduated which he did with a highly successful career and lovely wife & family. However, life works in strange ways and at a young age, he was continually blindsighted with several not just one major life show stopping health events that he successfully overcame one by one. This book is an intimate inside look at Jack's personal, medical and professional life and how he courageously persevered to "be the very best he could be" for himself and to provide for his lovely wife Linda and his family against all medical odds after each of these events. Jack is a straight shooter and the book can be brutally honest at times peppered with many personal/professional and medical highs and lows but Jack leads by example of "mind over matter" that is certainly an inspiration to others facing serious medical issues. 

Published: 2022
Page Count: 390