It's A Good Year

By Laura C. Schor
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It is summer at the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, and the Von Zeppelin family is celebrating the season. Magdalene and her husband, Bion, watch over their children, Izzy and Chloe, as they playfully create adventures on the beach. When Izzy meets a handsome young man, however, their summertime fun becomes more than they ever imagined.

Its a Good Year is a story of friendship, and family, and first love, set in idyllic, small-town America. It is a nostalgic and inspirational story that brings to mind memories of hot summer days and the freedom and innocence of youth.

About the Author

Throughout her high school years, Laura Cella looked to pursue a career as an English teacher and journalist. After being involved in a car accident during her early college years, her intent swerved into becoming a writer. She wrote and self-published Utterances, a book of poetry.

From this epiphany also evolved her pen name, Laura C. Schor. Her interest in writing urged her to write this book, and a sequel to follow. Ms. Schor is a native of Emerson, New Jersey, where she currently resides.

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Published: 2015
Page Count: 104