It Was Just A House

By Katherine Mary Kraver
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The smell of freshly baked bread coming through a refugee camp takes a young girl back to happier times in her home country. This memory lasts as long as the aroma that quickly evaporates into the heavy, thick air of the camp. The young girl is forced to embark on a journey of hardship and displacement, ultimately finding relief at the Baqaa refugee camp in Jordan with her parents and two brothers. While the conditions of the camp are something most would consider substandard, the young girl communicates a strong, powerful message about optimism and family. This tale is based on true stories and encounters that Katherine Mary Kraver has experienced while traveling throughout Jordan, located in the Middle East. Her hope is to embed empathy in readers of all ages by sharing this empowering story told from the perspective of a child.

About the Author

Katherine Mary Kraver is an elementary teacher who has a passion for learning and compassion for people. As a child, she always knew she wanted to be an educator and inspire children to love learning as much as she does. Katherine spends her summers traveling to foreign countries and immersing herself in new cultures. She enjoys bringing new knowledge back into her classroom to share with her students, and she is devoted to using her worldly experiences to improve her teaching. Her students are an inspiration for her travels and her travels have become an inspiration for her writing. Katherine resides in Western Massachusetts with her parents and two brothers.

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Published: 2014
Page Count: 42