It Doesn't Matter...It's Love!: An Adoption Story

By Tshänä Nkó Jefferson, Illustrated by Jeff Jefferson
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It Doesn't Matter... It's Love! centers around foster care and adoption: all families are different, but still love each other! This book teaches readers more about what happens during foster care and the adoption process.

About the Author

Tshänä Nkó Jefferson is a Safety Around Water instructor as well as a lifeguard. She feels that one of the most important things a child can learn is how to be safe around water. She is very involved in her local YMCA's Safety Around Water programs. She is also a professional violist and enjoys teaching violin and viola to children and adults alike. A practicing Christian, she is involved in her local church.
She has been a foster parent for her local agency for the past 10 years and has fostered 14 children to date and adopted her 3 daughters. She is especially involved in reaching out and telling people about foster care because every state is in need of more good, loving foster homes.

About the Illustrator

Jeff Jefferson is Tshänä Nkó Jefferson's father. He was born in Bogalusa, Louisiana and moved to Akron, Ohio when he was a toddler. He went to Hower High School where he studied Commercial Art and Graphic Design. Instead of going into an art career, he decided to go into the medical field and became a nurse. He moved to Long Beach, California in 1983 where he currently resides. He retired from his nursing career in 2014, giving him the time to illustrate and collaborate with his daughter.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 40